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Safaa's Transformation

Updated: May 20, 2019

Dr. Safaa Al-Alarabi with her KHR Coaches Brenda and April

I have known Safaa for years. Her middle and my oldest son were classmates. They even attended the same martial arts school together. Those who know Safaa know that she is a great human being - kind, generous, giving, and very supportive. She is also a very accomplished lady, with a long list of titles attached to her name-PhD, MPH, MSN, CNL, and RN- just to name a few! But more importantly she is an amazing mom of four great kids - three boys and a girl.

Over the course of 8 years I watched Safaa bring her kids to our martial arts studio. And as you can imagine, being a mom of four young kids and taking care of them and her students as a Ph.D. candidate, and later an associate professor, was quite a handful! Not to mention all of her other obligations and responsibilities she was carrying, which took a toll on her body and mind as well. Under the beautiful smile that greeted me each time our eyes met, was an exhausted, under-slept, and stressed-out lady!

I told her to check out my new program. She said she had no time. I said that is why she needed it even more, so that she could learn to prioritize it better. I told her she was running out of oxygen by giving it to everyone else first and she needed to start taking care of herself. I convinced her that it's not a selfish act but a necessary one.

So she joined. She met supportive KHR coaches and members who helped support her on her journey. She learned to take better care of herself, started eating healthier introducing things into her diet and her husband Ali had no idea what they were! She began to take walks that turned into jogs, and later ran her first 10K with us. When I asked her the secret to her successful transformation, she said "I did what you told me to do," creating habits as is discussed here: Creating a Habit of Exercise and the Importance of Consistency

The other day, Safaa stopped by Panera to see our Coach April before she headed back to LA. And April, who has not seen her in a while was surprised with Safaa's amazing transformation as you can tell by her wide smile in this picture. Safaa looked different, with her glowing skin, toned body, but more importantly she felt different, more energized and positive. Calmer, she said.

Safaa surprising coach April with her amazing transformation!

My team of coaches -April, Varun, Lianne, and Brenda-and I taking picture with Safaa!

"I am so proud to be enrolled in Katarina’s HIIT & RUN. I enjoyed my experience and I look forward to continuing in this program. Katarina and her coaches/team are very supportive and they want me to succeed to achieve my goals.

Katarina is such an amazing leader! The challenge/ program has been amazing for me not just physically, but spiritually and socially. It is a holistic program (mind, body, and spirit).

I highly recommend Katarina’s HIIT & RUN, you will see the difference in your life in a beautiful way." - Dr. Safaa Al-Alarabi

Thank you Safaa for your support!

To try our unique program - click here!

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