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April's Transformation

by Katarina T. Conrad, PhD

April's inner transformation is equally inspiring!

One of my favorite 8-week Katarina’s HIIT&RUN transformations was of my dear friend April who initially lost 20 lbs in the first session and 10 additional pounds in the subsequent session. But, what it is not visible to a naked eye is her awesome inner transformation! We are so proud of you coach April Powell!

Katarina's HIIT&RUNTM program is a unique and powerful program that step-by-step, each week changes the way you think, the way you work out and prepares your body and mind to react to situations.

It is a well thought out program that develops you physically, mentally and spiritually and provides a community of like- minded ladies to partner with and encourage and hold each other accountable.

I feel empowered, I feel stronger, more confident, and more fit. I make better, healthier choices for me and my family in nutrition and in health. I feel safer and more prepared than ever before.

I've added meditation and gratitude practices and I'm easier able to find a place of calm in the midst of being a busy mom of two active boys.

The HIIT&RUNTM app is a huge bonus for the program and allows you to do so much from home and on the go! I've done it from the sidelines of a soccer field and a hotel room in the UK.

These skills and practices combined with the tips and convenience have made a significant impact in the way I go about my days and my life overall and I'm very grateful for the experience and this special program Katarina has created. Huge HIIT!”

Connect with April

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