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How To Be Safe While Jogging

I often ran this popular Boston's Charles river trail.

Although spousal violence and sexual assault by someone you know is more common than attacks by strangers, we can still learn few safety tips on how to be prepared in public especially when jogging. And as you can see in this video in the broad daylight.

Here Are My Top 5 Jogging Safety Tips when running alone.

1. Run towards incoming traffic As you can see from this video, it would have been hard for the attackers to park the car and move backwards if the women ran the opposite direction. In this case if I feel threatened or in trouble, I can run away or jump in the front of an incoming traffic in search for help. But, if you do find yourself running the same direction as the car that stops. Start running the opposite direction. And if approached go towards the road and not towards the bushes. This way you stop the incoming traffic and screen for help.

2. Wear only one (left) earplug on I like my wireless earbuds and I wear only the left one so I can still hear and be aware of my surroundings and yet enjoy my audible books.

3. Carry a paper spray or an alarm keychain

In my running belt, I carry my special alarm keychain that makes a piercing sound, equivalent to a jet engine, once its plug is pulled out. This is a quick way to get others' attention. It’s useful even if you get injured.

I wear mine at all times for safety. After one of the moms in our neighborhood was hit by a trailer while running and could not be identified for a day or so, I decided to by aa runner's ID in case I was ever found injured, unconscious or unable to speak.

5. Learn basic self-defense.

In this video the attacker was grabbing the women by her wrists. This is one of the first techniques we teach women-how to get out of a wrist lock. Thankfully she was able to fight him off. I love running with my dog. He gets a workout and I got a companion who I know would bite for me.

If you want to gift your friend, daughter, mother, or sister with a great safety tool, visit our shop and buy the alarm keychain.

My Charles' River run.

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