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This alarm is excellent at drawing attention to you for help. Its 140 dB continuous piercing sound is loud! It can easily draw people's attention even in a far distance and scare attacker away. Whether you are a kid, college student, a jogger, lone worker, elderly, a night owl, this alarm can help you be safe. It's an easy and necessary security supply no matter if you are at home or walking outsides lonely at night, jogging or traveling alone, hiking etc.


I like to carry one on my keychain and another attached to my backpack. You can also hold it in your hand, carry it in your pocket, purse or backpack. Makes a great gift!

KHR Alarm Keychain - 140dB w/LED Flashlight

  • Pull out the ripcord style activation pin to activate the alarm. Insert the pin back in to stop the alarm. Press and hold the button on the device to turn on LED mini flashlight for immediate area illumination. The light can also be used to attract attention in emergency SOS situations.


    The regular alkaline 3x LR44 batteries come preloaded but are user replaceable. The batteries are typically capable of 365-day standby time. You can easily buy the replacement battery at your nearby drugstore.

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