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Embracing Change

We like predictability, certainty, stability. Unfortunately, life's journey is not a smooth sail. It's more like sailing in open waters, starting with a beautiful breezy day, then the winds, storm and cold rain come our way to challenge us without much warning. Then the feeling of being lost and without direction sweeps our consciousness. The worries creep in. But, soon enough the sea calms and hope springs again.

As I was preparing to run the Great Wall of China Marathon I didn't know the terrain, the climate and the general race setting beforehand. I was a total newbie to racing. So, I've decided not to worry but go with the flow. And what a flow it was! It turned out to be a hot day (97F), and the terrain was grueling, steep, challenging, long, hot, uneven, with many hills.

But instead of complaining and resisting the things I had no control of, I embraced them. I found things to be grateful for. The opportunity to travel and see a new country, the beautiful setting of the race, an ancient wonder -The Great Wall, the smiling villagers, the friendly runners, and the joyful water boy.

I kept smiling the whole race, only because I decided that I would, regardless of the obstacles that day. I did not resist it, I embraced the uncertainty and saw it as a chance to create new experiences and learn new things about myself. A chance to widen my horizons and grow.

Most of our life's struggles come from resisting change, a feeling of uncertainty, and worrying about the future. The more we resist the unhappier we get.

We ought to be more accepting of change and acknowledging that we live in a ever changing world, and we too are very dynamic beings that constantly change. Even our whole bodies (cells) are replaced every decade! So, why are we so resistant to change when we and the world around us are dynamic?

Let's embrace the change and see it necessary in our lives in order to grow and progress.

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