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Breaking Through Obstacles

The greater the obstacle, the more joy in overcoming it. ~Moliere

I was walking down to the pool and I spotted a plant. My inclination in the past would have been to pluck it and move on. But, not this time. I imagined how this plant was once a seed, that despite the harsh environment, was able to germinate and start sprouting. But only to face even bigger obstacle —a wall.

I looked at it as an inspiration sent by the universe, reminding me that once I beat insurmountable odds to win the race of a lifetime by breaking through a wall.

In fact, that race was so fierce that it involved over 50 million competitors, had a harsh course in extreme temperatures where most, if not all, of the competitors don’t make it to the end. I had to swim the equivalent of 20 miles an hour through acidic water that kills off the majority of the competitors.

The race was so daunting, that many times it simply looked impossible to complete. Especially at the end, when only a few of us that had made it so far had to overcome one more obstacle before finishing the race—breaking through a wall that was equivalent to four times the thickness of The Great Wall of China!

It surely was a disheartening sight, especially when we thought we had finished already. But, with all that was left in me, I broke through the wall! I broke through! I won the race! And more importantly I won my life! I was given a chance to live!

You too have won the same race! You too have had seemingly impossible tasks ahead of you and you too once turned that IMPOSSIBLE into


NOW go on and face your challenges and break through!!!!

We got this!!

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