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How to Make Your Jog More Enjoyable While Keeping Safe

Updated: Sep 24, 2018

Anne, April and Ashleigh are enjoying our weekly 5k Run!

Whether you love running or simply enjoy walking in the nature, there are certain precautions you can take that will keep you safe on any trail.

13 Tips To Keep You Safe

  1. Jog with a friend if possible. It's safer and more fun.

  2. Jog during the daylight.

  3. Be alert of your surroundings.

  4. Jog in a familiar area.

  5. Vary your jogging routine.

  6. Jog facing oncoming traffic.

  7. Wear bright clothing.

  8. If jogging in the dark, wear reflective clothing.

  9. Carry a cell phone.

  10. Carry a Joggers Pepper Spray or Alarm Keychain.

  11. If listening to music, wear only one (wireless) earpiece.

  12. Keep away from bushes and trees where an attacker might be waiting.

  13. Wear Safety ID Bracelet in case of emergency.

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