Welcome to Katarina's HIIT&RUN, a unique fitness program designed specifically for women by women to learn reality-based self-defense through HIIT workouts. 


 We are a global community

of women from all walks of life 

empowering each other through



(In-Studio & Online)


(Stretching & Meditation)




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Reality-based self-defense is handpicked by and tailored for women, using effective techniques from various martial arts such as Krav Maga, Tae Kwon Do, Kali, and Jiu-Jitsu.


These techniques are taught through our specialized short HIIT workouts and practiced with partners, friends, or kids, either at home or our studios. 


For dedicated members who wish to become certified KHR coaches, we provide coach training at our Retreats.  



We use a novel approach to teaching reality-based self-defense. Our specialized short HIIT workouts help you tone muscles faster than your traditional cardio workouts while retaining technique and improving focus.

Every exercise you do serves the purpose of gaining combat skills and sharpening your focus so that, if you ever get attacked, your body will know how to respond before you, thanks to muscle memory. 

Whether you are young or old, fit or not, you can still benefit from these workouts. When your cardio improves, you can always add more intensity or weights. 




Although we take pride in our global online community, we recognize the need and benefits for women to get together, practice, and connect in person.

As our impact and community of amazing women grow, so will the need for more locations and KHR certified coaches. 

Please check with us if you would like to bring KHR to your home, studio, or community.




KHR is a lifestyle, and we love introducing empowering habits that are proven to work and help you live a more youthful and fulfilled life.

As we age, we are more prone to injuries and muscle decline. That is why stretching is one of the lifestyle habits that we practice to keep our muscles pliable and recover faster from our injuries.  

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We tend to wear many hats and juggle many responsibilities. This exposes us to many external and internal stressors. Learning how to respond and not react to them is something we could all benefit from the ancient practice of meditation

In our program, we will teach you how to carve some time out to be still and practice awareness of your breath through mindfulness meditation. If it sounds daunting, you need it more than ever!


There is something so comforting to know that someone's got your back even if you live miles apart. 

We are amazed at how quickly strangers turn into friends and friends into family in our KHR community. So, it is no coincidence that sisterhood is an essential part of our program.


The smiles and excitement we witness at our retreats when we unite are unparallelled. You've got to see it and experience it yourself to believe it!



We tend to be concerned with our body image, especially our weight. But before we shed our body weight, we should shed the emotional weight that has been keeping us in bondage for so long. 

Suppressed feelings of hurt and anger, victim mentality, and lack of boundaries are just a few of the things that can prevent us from thriving.


In our program, we will help you adopt empowering habits to address these issues and help you heal, recover, and thrive!

Check our BLOG for topics on Mindset.

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We don't believe in quick diets. We believe in changing your lifestyle to create a space for a healthier you. 

Our workout routines, eating habits, and healthy meal plans are designed to help you recover, heal, and thrive, once and for all.  

Our menus mimic the nutritional habits and meals of the longest living people who consume a 95% plant-based diet.


Check out our anti-inflammatory

plant-based recipes in

Fuel For the Soul 

Four Weeks To a Better You


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Behind every great company is a great team that builds great culture! No question! These amazing women are so dedicated to improving the conditions and lives of other women that they selflessly give so much of their time and resources. 


Our motto is creating leaders, not followers. So, if you feel drawn to join us and make an impact on your community and the world, become a KHR coach and help us change the world together.  

We are 


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"Over the years, many things have conspired to boost my confidence. I am a wife, a mother, a math Ph.D., a business owner, a humanitarian, a Miss Liberty University, a black belt, a multiple National taekwondo champion, marathoner, Ironman triathlete, pilot in training, and the founder of KHR,...but nothing, and I stress NOTHING, comes close to knowing how to protect my body and mind. That is why I wanted to share this experience with you and other amazing women like you so that you too can feel empowered and confident!"

~ Katarina Terzic Conrad, Ph.D.



This is neither a fitness nor a martial arts program, but the best of both! We will equip you with self-defense skills by doing fun fitness HIIT workouts, self-defense applications, and helpful guidance and support in a community of women coaches that have been through the journey already.

You'll love it! And you too will be transformed from the inside out, just as many other women have been.