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Hey beautiful! I am so excited to share our G.L.O.W. Nutritional Guide with you!


I believe that the beginning of our transformation does not start with a diet but with a new mindset. And to acquire a unique perspective, we need to pause and reflect on our lives. If what we do daily is not getting us to the desired outcome, we should look inwardly for answers. I believe that each of us is connected to Divine love and wisdom and that if we quiet ourselves enough, we can find the answers to our questions. Then we start hearing and healing. Then we start living and thriving.


G.L.O.W. is an acronym for four of my wholesome, science-based lifestyle practices and routines that keep my skin, hair, and nails shiny; my body energized and strong; and my mind clear and focused. I believe you, too, can benefit from these practices!


Each week we discuss one lifestyle practice, share the latest research about it and explain why it is important and what are some practical ways we could incorporate it into our daily lives.


I also share my favorite plant-based recipes related to each topic, the grocery list, and easy exercises that you and your whole family could have fun working on.


I want to emphasize that G.L.O.W. is not a diet plan. I really can't stress this enough. It is meant to be considered a lifestyle, a way of implementing positive changes in our lives that help improve our well-being.


I hope you will also benefit from these habits and release your inner glow!


May you never forget that you are Loved, that you are Blessed,

and that you are Divine. Now go and live as you mean it!


Let go and let GLOW!

G.L.O.W. Nutrition Guide (eBook)

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