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"28-Day Plant-Based Lifestyle Makeover" E-BOOK that includes 50 anti-inflammatory recipes to improve your health and 4 lifestyle habits to help you battle anxiety, depression, and stress!


"Welcome to our 28-Day “Be The Change” challenge! We are thrilled to have you on this exciting journey to a healthier and more mindful life.


What we offer in this challenge is not a quick fix; it’s a lifestyle makeover, a new mindset, and a body-mind transformation that will carry you beyond these 28 days. This is a unique chance at life as a NEW you!


This program has been designed to help those stuck in a rut and who need a change. Be the change instead of wishing for it! We will help to give you a boost and maximize your energy and performance, detox your body and mind while motivating and supporting you throughout this challenge!


We are nurturing, always putting others first, and caring for everyone but ourselves. We are busy juggling many responsibilities and often suffer from low energy, exhaustion, and chronic stress, which often results in impatience, irritability, resentment, and ill health.


We often cope with daily stressors with mindless eating and other addictive habits that prevent us from having meaningful connections and enjoying the simple joys of life.


We often wish for change but can’t make that first step toward our NEW self. Not anymore! Now that you’ve joined our KHR tribe, we are here to help you get a jumpstart to your NEW you!


Although you can use this nutritional 28-Day challenge alone, we highly recommend doing it with our physical 28-Day challenge. In combination, you will achieve maximum results, a total mind-body transformation. It doesn't matter if you don't remember the last time you exercised or whether you are a diehard athlete; we will help you feel your best!


With our specialized short and effective daily workouts, our immune-boosting yummy recipes, lifestyle tips, and KHR’s supportive team and community, you will be able to implement new habits that will help you strengthen and protect your body and mind and rejuvenate your spirit.


We thank you for your trust and can’t wait to begin this transformational journey with you!"


~ Katarina



Dr. Katarina T. Conrad is a wife and a mom of two boys, has a Ph.D. in Mathematics, is the founder of Katarina’s HIIT&RUN, LLC, and a multiple business owner, vegan chef, artist, humanitarian liaison to Crown Princess Katherine Karadjordjević of Serbia, a three-time National Champion in Taekwondo, a certified Krav Maga and Kali instructor, and an Ironman triathlete.


28-Day Plant-Based Lifestyle E-Book

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