McCoy Barbara

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Join date: Sep 24, 2018


The Latin phrase "ubi Concoria ibi Victoria" which is translated in English as, "where there is unity, there is victory" is something that speaks life into me as well as this program, much like a warm wind resonates around you on a cool day. Through my short time as part of the KHR family I have come to experience the truth of this quote, and seen its power as lives are empowered and tribes grow. I see a glimpse of these transformations in my life and others through each fear conquered and each hope renewed. Being ourselves is nothing compared to being our best selves, living out our purposes and resting in the truths of who we are...and all these things and more are accomplished through the relationships and hard work that KHR brings to the table. With mercy, grace and love to ourselves we see that we are stronger than we think we are, and that together we are unstoppable.