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Daily Live 15-min KHR HIIT Workouts
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5-Self-Defense Techniques
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5 -Day Plant-Based Food
(5 Juices, 5 Smoothies, 5 Meals)
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5 -Day Exercise & Nutrition Plan
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Gain access to Dr.Conrad’s FB Live 15-min HIIT daily workouts, nutritional and self-defense tips for 5-days to help you improve your health and give you confidence as you learn how to protect yourself against most common attacks. Join us!


Monday, June 3 - Friday, June 7
Ladies, do you want to LOSE 5 lbs in 5 DAYS, and drop 5% body fat,  while gaining muscle mass, rebooting your immune system, and have that glowing skin look?




I just finished it with my husband in time for his colonoscopy, and we both lost 5 lbs and feel and look great! My Results are below:


4.6 lbs weight loss
5.6% drop in body fat
2.7% muscle gain, and
3 years younger!


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Access to our Facebook Live 15-min HIIT workouts
5-self-defense techniques to give you confidence  
5 -day plant-based meal plan (5 juices, 5 smoothies, 5 meals) 
Join us!


5-Day 5-lbs 5-KHR SD Techniques Challenge

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