“4 Weeks to A Better You! is a manual and recipe book that will inspire and help you jumpstart your journey to a healthier and more mindful life! It's a blueprint to a more youthful and energetic you!


Dr. Conrad shares 4 daily habits that have helped her supercharge her mental, physical, and spiritual life in her 40s, enabling her to run her first marathon (one of the hardest marathons on Earth--The Great Wall Marathon) with just five months of training, followed by an Ironman six months later, and all that having never done any long-distance running, swimming, or a biking before. (She completed another Ironman just six months after the first as well!)


Along with the habits, she shares her favorite anti-inflammatory, plant-based recipes that will have even die-hard carnivores asking for seconds!


This manual is a wonderful companion to the transformational KHR program.”



4 Weeks To A Better You!


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